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Inside Information on Becoming a Car Salesman

2010 October 25

Could you see yourself becoming a car salesman? Now might be a good time for you to change careers. The career of being a car salesman could be a very good option for you. Selling cars might be right up your alley if you enjoy cars and talking to people. The car salesman of yesterday was very different that today’s car salesman, they have become true professionals. Continue reading for the reasons why you should consider becoming a car salesman and how you can benefit. Although a job selling cars is not for everyone, but the ones that enjoy the job can really make out where money is concerned.

Want a Good Career Try Becoming a Car Salesman

The image of the car salesman that many people have is changing and they are becoming more professional and making good money. To start with the field is no longer limited to a male only career. Women have entered the scene and they can sell as well as the next guy. There are plenty of women car salesmen that are very successful at selling cars and earn a sizable annual income. It’s up to you if you want to become a car salesman and you don’t have to worry about your gender being a factor.

Believe it or not, the fact is that many car salesmen earn 100K annually. You don’t need to be an incredible salesman just a good one. In fact there are sales people around the country that earn close to $200,000 a year selling cars. Now those sales people that make $200,000 a year are not as numerous as the 100K earners. However it’s not uncommon for someone to become a car salesman and be on track to earning 100K in 90 days or so. Beside the great potential income there are only a few requirements for anyone that is thinking about becoming a car sales person.

Requirements for Being a Car Salesman

When it comes down to becoming a car salesman the actual requirements are much less than you can imagine. Where education is concerned a simple high school education is all that is required. The sales training that you need is usually done by the dealership where you were hired. Once you complete your sales training you will fine tune your skills on the sales floor. Selling cars for a living will take some time to learn and comprehend so it make take a little while to start making the big money. You may run into a dealer that prefers experienced sales people, but more often than not the novice is preferred. When it comes to hiring car sales people most dealers prefer the inexperienced car sales person.

There are many perks for the person thinking about becoming a car salesman. You become an auto industry insider and have access to all the vehicles and information before the public. For the most part you spend your day with nice people because what customer doesn’t like the idea of getting a new or a better vehicle. You work with your pen and you words which is much easier than working with your back. As far as the traditional benefits, just about every auto dealership includes them for their employees.

If you want to make good money and have job that is full of opportunities then working as a car salesman might be for you. I must confess that there are some negative aspects of the job, but all jobs have a negative side. The earnings of the car salesman will go up and down from week to week because they earn a commission. You need to ask yourself if you can deal with a fluctuating weekly check that amounts to more monthly. Being a car salesman can be very rewarding and challenging which are the characteristics of a good automobile sales career.

Being a Car Salesman is Fun

2010 August 8

An auto salesman’s career is not one of the most desired jobs if you ask most people. The public may make fun of the car salesman, but they have no idea of the potential and benefits. The salesman that sell cars is filled with opportunities and benefits that others dream about. Tired of being bored at work and want practically unlimited earning potential you should consider the life of a car sales person. Car dealerships will show you how to be a good car salesman and your fellow sales people are full of car salesman tips. Rarely is a college degree or sales experience a requirement.

The crooked car dealerships of the past are going away as the industry is making great strides to change the image of the car business. The car business has put a couple of rough years behind them and many of the dishonest car dealerships have gone out of business. Car makers are chaging the existing car dealer and making them more professional in order to clean up their tarnished image. The car makers are forcing what is left of the sleaze balls and working with the good dealers to improve the image and the profession of selling cars.

There are some amazing benefits to being a car salesman that most people never know. You can see and drive the newest cars and trucks before most people. You along with your family can pay dealer cost for cars and trucks. If you are looking for a used car for yourself or a child you get first crack at the new trade-ins . As an auto sales person you get a chance to test drive all the inventory if you like. You will probably be driving a new dealer demo car if you dealer does like most car dealers.

One of the other benefits is that you will never experience the same kind of day twice. You are always dealing with different personality types and different kinds of buyers. This will practically rid the chance of you getting bored with your job. Just having a staff of car sales people working together and making jokes will keep on your toes and fresh. You can meet many new people on the job and some of them may even turn into long term customers or friends.

An opportunity that the car salesman has that many don’t is the huge potential to earn money. Most auto sales persons get paid commission for the cars the sell. Some say that you decide how much money you make, almost like having your own business. There are many sales persons that make a car sales commission income of six figures. When you are a good vehicle salesman you call the shots because almost any dealer would love to have you sell cars for them. For the person that is looking for a job or a change in careers you should look at the fabulous opportunities that are available for a car salesman.

You should read the Car Salesman Guide so you can start making a nice big car sales income.

Some Car Sales Tips to Stop the Dry Spell

2010 July 21

Sometimes you will see a veteran car salesman hit a slump that they just can’t shake or a new car salesman hit a slump and they don’t know why. When the Green Pea was cut loose and started taking ups they did every step of the sales process and began selling cars and trucks. The same only different, the experienced salesman has been selling vehicles all along.

At anytime and out of the blue a car salesman can get into a sales slump. They naturally become bored with the selling system they use every day and begin cutting corners or try to other ways to make things interesting. They are choosing the fresh ups they take by looking and sizing up their customers. Their sold units are declining and they are closing fewer deals all the time. It is often called getting too smart. Instead of following the lessons of their training and prior experience they are changing the selling system. You can read three of the basic car sales tips that are required for being a good car salesman and making some nice commissions below.

Car Sales Tips to Get Back to Selling

Car Salesman Tip: You Might be Surprised Many times you will see a auto salesman reach some level of success and then they begin to start hand picking their Ups. They take a quick glance at the fresh Up and decide if they look like a buyer or not. There are many sales people that could kick themselves for passing on customers that they thought were shoppers and not buyers. Car buyers come to the dealership ready to protect themselves from a pushy and overbearing salesman so they act and say they are only looking. As hard as you try you can’t figure out who is the buyer and who is the looker simply by looks, practice this auto sales tip by taking all the customers you can get and you will win in the end because the numbers are in your favor.

Car Sales Tip: The Meet and Greet Greeting the car shopper for the first time whether in the lot or in the showroom is very critical. You know what they say about first impressions and being a car salesman is no different. Make sure you meet your customer with a smile, a handshake and welcome them to the dealership. When you look, sound and act like a professional automobile sales person you will make the buyer comfortable that they are at the right place. To wrap up this car salesman tip, start off on the right foot and everything else will be much easier and you might even sell a car.

Car Sales Tip: Which One is Right. They buyer must love the car because I have seen many a sales person trying to close a deal on a vehicle that the customer does not even like. Determining the car buyer’s wants and needs by ask them probing questions is the key to selling a car. Try as you might, if they aren’t in love with the new vehicle there isn’t much chance of making them an owner. All car buyers want much more car than they can afford so you must find that certain vehicle to get them on board. It could be for financial reasons or it could be the number of seats, but there are always conditions. Whatever your customer is trying to accomplish with a new car, you must know what it is before you can sell them a new automobile.

A personal sales slump is not uncommon when selling autos it happens to anyone that sells automobiles for a living. Go over these basic car sales tips to crack that slump and get back on track. Take all the Ups you can, and build a strong car sales foundation with these tips for car salesmen and car sales women. It will make you a better car salesman. Start out with the proven car sales techniques and follow through by sticking with the basics until you are selling again.

A Passionate Car Salesman Makes a Successful Car Salesman

2010 June 23

How many times have you gone to a store to make a major purchase and rather be helped in a prompt manner you end up waiting forever while the sales person is doing who know what. You try to be understanding and wait for what seems like a long time and then a clerk comes from somewhere and says can I help you. So you tell the sales person what you came for and instead of being of assistance they tell you to look down this aisle or on that wall. You have probably had enough by now and you are going to find a salesman and a store that provides the service you desire. Well it’s almost the same when you have a career in car sales. Any potential customer that visits the car dealer’s lot needs to be greeted and assisted in a enthusiastic manner to make them feel comfortable and welcome.

Passion for Being a Good Salesman

Would you want to go out and buy a brand new vehicle from a salesman that is less than passionate about your needs and wants when you are about to spend thousands of dollars on a car. Buying a car is an exciting experience for most people and it’s important to embrace and reinforce that feeling to sell them a car. The combination of an excited customer and an enthusiastic car salesman are the main ingredients to selling more cars.

A good car salesman needs to be enthusiastic and upbeat throughout the entire car buying process. It is important for you, the auto salesman to keep the car buyers focus on the car they are buying so they will remain excited. The auto salesman and the car buyer will elevate each others enthusiasm and keep the buyer focused. The buyer will remain less skeptical and cautious when they are enthusiastic and passionate about their new purchase. Selling a new car to a buyer that is skeptical and thinking only of dollars and cents is typically a very hard sale.

The auto sales person that works with their buyers in a passionate and enthused style is sure to see and increase in both their numbers and car salesman commission. You should know that all people enjoy getting a new ride, but some will try to hide their level of excitement. Your secret weapon to sell more cars is to use enthusiasm and passion so you can make it comfortable for the customer to share their thoughts and feelings. When the buyer feels comfortable they will be less defensive and provide you with what you need to make the sale. Enthusiasm is contagious and when a car buyer is assisted by a salesman that is excited about going for a test drive or showing the car it is natural for the customer to also become excited. Being a car salesman is about embracing your car buyers feelings and emotions.

Make use this information and other car salesman tips to sell more automobiles and make more money by selling vehicles with enthusiasm. All you have to do is make your car buyer feel good about the process and they will send you all their business. A good car sales woman or salesman knows that they can sell cars to the same people over and over along with their friends when they treat them right and they will become a successful car salesman. You can learn how to be a good car salesman, it can be taught.

A Car Salesman Career Can Be Great

2010 June 19

In your strangest thoughts did your ever think about being a car salesman or car saleswoman. You are currently witnessing one of the ideal times in the job market to start a car salesman career. The automobile manufacturers have made great strides to improve the process of buying a car at the dealer that sells their brand and improving their image at the same time. In order to improve and clean up the image of the car salesman the dealer, sales people and the manufacturers are making change and improvements. The public’s perception of the car salesman has suffered for years because of past practices, but the car dealer and the car salesman are getting enhanced as time goes by.

The car business is slated for growth for many years to come and so is the need for anyone that is interested in a car salesman career. Many people think you need to have the gift of gab or that you need to have an outgoing personality, but that really isn’t true. In fact for a car salesman to be successful they don’t need any particular personality or social attributes. Selling cars for a living is not about you, it is about dealing with people. Not everyone is cut out to sell cars for a living, but for some it can be a very lucrative career.

Whether you have thought about selling cars for a living before maybe you should now. The auto sales persons day is always changing, but it always has fun, the potential for great money and many perks. If you meet an ex-automobile salesman that speaks poorly of selling cars they almost always have a reason for their failure. The rate at which people come and go in the business of car sales is higher than some other jobs, but it is usually because people think that cars sell themselves. There is more to selling cars for a living than driving around with car buyers.

College is not right for everyone, but if you want a career you can enjoy selling cars might be a logical option, Being a car salesman is about the person and not about having a college education. It is very difficult today to find a job that allows you to earn 100K annually without a college diploma. Car dealerships usually like to hire new to the industry car sales people so they don’t have to overcome previous training. You can start your auto salesman career as soon as you finish the training and learning the car salesman tips that are supplied by the dealer.

Besides the great earning potential of a car salesman you might be driving a brand new demonstrator vehicle, being able joke with your peers, inside information for buying your own car and many other benefits. The favorite part of the successful car salesman is that they control their car salesman commission and their destiny by earning a very handsome income. Everybody has to work for a living so you might as well do something that is fun, something you enjoy and something that will let you make great money, start thinking car sales career because you can be a great car salesman.